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Feral Pigeons (Control & Prevention)

Pigeons can pose problems as they can be very tame and will make their habitat close to man in lofts, warehouses, factories, disused buildings and under canopies. They prefer cereal based foods and seeds, but will also feed on fast food scraps and almost any organic matter. Old nests can harbour mites which can cause skin irritation.

The biggest nuisance factor comes from roosting on ledges, eaves and beams where their droppings fall onto paths and walkways. Where goods are stored in industrial units this can be a major problem causing contamination.

After conducting a survey of your property, we are able to gain a comprehensive understanding of the extent of the problem, which will influence the subsequent plan of action.

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In addition, we can implement preventative procedures which should ensure that your property will not be bothered by feral pigeons. Installing spikes along horizontal surfaces deters these pests from roosting in the future.

Please feel free to call us in order to get more information and advice; we can supply you with a free quote to give you an idea of the expense involved.

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