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There are hundreds of different species of insects, most of which stay outside and don’t cause us any problems. However here are a few which can be a nuisance in our households:

Carpet Beetle

So named because they are found in carpets and soft furnishings, where they feed off natural fibres; their prevention and control is usually implemented with insecticide spray, insecticide dust and gel bait, which are effective at eliminating this problem.

Bed Bugs

There has been a significant rise in bed bug infestation in recent years, and this can sometimes be attributed to our travelling habits – they can be brought into this country from abroad, particularly from Asia, so be vigilant if you have offspring home from their travels! Bedbugs inhabit headboards, mattresses, crevices in woodwork, carpets, behind pictures and wallpaper. They feed off humans at night, and the symptoms can be confused with mosquito bites. Excretions and cast skins can be seen on bed linen as little black specks and there can sometimes be an almond like smell. Laundering bed linen at a temperature of 60 degrees or above can assist in their destruction. We can offer a comprehensive treatment using suitable insecticides or fumigation. Upon a site visit, we will discuss the options open to you with a price quote for the procedure.


Cockroach infestations can cause health problems for homeowners and serious Environmental Health issues for any business involved in food preparation. They can cause food poisoning, gastroenteritis, dysentery and diarrhoea. They are mainly nocturnal and inhabit warm and damp environs. They can be found in panels inside machines, in fridge motors, drinks dispensing machines, behind tiles, and in door seals and voids. After a thorough site inspection we can suggest the best course of action, which may involve several visits to combat the problem. In the case of food preparation businesses we would recommend a service contract to satisfy your regular visit from the Environmental Health Officer.

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Cluster Flies

Cluster flies are quite common to have in your home and most homeowners will not be too bothered by their presence. They can lay their eggs in wooden window frames, and once hatched can cause your premises to be over-run with the flies. We can implement various techniques by spraying or using smoke bombs to cure the problem.

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