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Wasps,Bees and Hornets

These flying insects should not be confused with each other, as they all have their own characteristics. There are no diseases attributable to this group, but a sting can be painful and can sometimes cause anaphylactic shock.

Wasps tend to build their papery nests in lofts or soffits and signs to look for are constant flying back and forth into your property. Once the nest has been treated, it will become inactive.

The most common reports of bees are of the honey bee, which can swarm causing some alarm to the public, although they will not sting unless provoked. If they are not posing significant danger, we would not recommend destroying these, better where possible we collect the swarm and deliver them to a local bee-keeper who can add to his hives for future honey production. The masonry or mortar bee, as its name suggests, can burrow into soft stonework, but tend to look for existing holes to lay their eggs in.

Hornets are significantly larger than wasps and usually inhabit parkland and woods. They can be fairly aggressive if you disturb their nests, but do not generally bother man. They can be treated in the same way as a wasps nest.

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